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Adult Homes


   Our assisted living facilities will be designed to house veterans in five phases of development.

Phase one will provide (100) bed traditional ACLF with a twenty-five (25) bed dementia unite. The design of the ACLF will meet current licensure guidelines as well as incorporate future health care delivery models of Medicare reimbursement not currently offed to the licensed level of care.

Our Veterans Medical Center will provide innovative, high quality holistic care using a variety of treatment modalities for the best outcome. Healthcare that addresses medical needs but also addresses spiritual, mental and physical needs. One component of this triad can’t be ignored to reach optimal health. Medical care is not cookie cutter with the same treatment to treat the same diagnosis in all patients. Our goal is to be the pinnacle of healthcare which requires a robust research department. Research and evidence based clinical care is imperative to providing world class care. Dementia effects many across the aging process. Over and above all our services, within all of our Cherokee Path healthcare facilities, we will also address spiritual, mental and physical wellness.


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